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The availability of low-priced residential apartments in the national capital is a myth these days. Anyone dreaming of a house would have the picture of an abode with sufficient space in his or her mind. At Antriksh India, we are all set to introduce our new development project by the name Homeland that aims to offer affordably-priced residential units in a gated society for the people belonging to the middle class in India. We are working on this project and are looking to complete it within a very short span of time only to make it possible for the middle class individuals to have affordable bungalows in the national capital. Prior to putting our plans forward, we would like you to have a detailed understanding of the wonderful advantages that you might be able to reap by owning independent homes. Have a look at what we have on offer for you and what is our inspiration behind providing you affordable units.

• Possessing our own land these days is a big thing considering the fact that land is fast getting scarcer with every passing day. It is the one and the only natural resource that can be owned by the human beings.

• Possessing a plot means possessing your very own space. This owned land can easily be divided into different segments as per our requirements and luxury like lawn, garden, swimming pool, garage, fences, trees and garden pool.

• It gives us the flexibility of coming up with the homes of our dreams. It offers us the option of having a perfectly-designed home in a way that we find comfortable and suitable to what our priorities are. Not just this, but we can even have extra build up region left to match our future requirements. It also offers is sufficient choice on when and how to make use of available money.

• The Floor Area Ratio (FAR- It is the ratio of the total floor area of a building to the size of a land on which the building is constructed) is L zone, where the project Homeland is located, is as high as 4 giving us more options of constructing multi-storey units.

• If family is a concern, it is one of the best options available for joint families with diverse tastes. Such families can live comfortably in independent homes. Such homes offer something to people of every age group. Additionally, it would also offer great joy to the future generations.

• The gated society fills us with feelings of togetherness and belonging. The units offer us with sufficient privacy while bringing us very close to the neighbors.

• One of the most important facets of property units in the national capital is that they are available as freehold properties. This basically means that floors constructed can easily be sold to other individuals.

• It also offers enough choices for land use in the future. Even if there are certain changes made to land use principles on the part of the Government, we will be very well suited for those changes.

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